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Episode Summary:

In this episode of "Nerdpreneur," Frank and Chris dive deep into their experience at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. They explore a range of topics, from the effectiveness of different sales tactics to the overall atmosphere of the convention and how awesome Dune 2 was. The episode offers insights into the business side of attending cons, including booth costs and strategies for engaging potential customers. To learn more about Emerald City Comic Con check out 

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Sales Tactics at Emerald City Comic Con:
    • The use of engaging tactics such as taste testing and tactile product interactions.
    • The influence of booth position on visitor engagement and sales.
    • The potential benefits of offering discounts and freebies to attract email sign-ups.
    • The use of mystery boxes as a sales strategy.
  2. The Business Side of Conventions:
    • The cost of securing a booth and its impact on profitability.
    • The importance of positioning and presentation in attracting visitors.
    • The potential for building long-term customer relationships through email marketing and incentives.
  3. Atmosphere and Buying Behavior:
    • How the exciting atmosphere of the con encourages spontaneous purchases.
    • Strategies like bundled discounts and special offers to increase sales.
    • The importance of product presentation and staff engagement in influencing buying decisions.
  4. Reflections and Future Plans:
    • Lessons learned from their experience at the con.
    • Future strategies for engaging with other entrepreneurs and creating memorable content.
    • The importance of preparation and health considerations for attending future cons.

Notable Quotes:

  1. Frank: "It's so exciting to buy stuff when you're there... especially if they make it a little bit of an incentive."
  2. Chris: "You can't be controversial with the intention of 'I want attention.' You have to stand on principles that actually give you a foundation."
  3. Frank: "Always have an intention and a goal when you go to a Con." 
  4. Chris: "You're always being interviewed... the people there are always looking to see, are you somebody that they want to continue working and building a relationship with?"

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