Show Notes

In Part 2 hosts Chris and Frank continue their conversation with Satine Phoenix! They dive into her reinvention as a transformational life coach after her cancellation from the D&D community. This conversation explores the power of coaching and Satine shares her insights on personal transformation, leveraging gaming mechanics in real life, and her approach to overcoming adversity. We also get her answer to a bunch of Random Rolls and Rapid fire questions! This episode was super fun and you can find out more about and sign up for a free coaching consultation with Satine Phoenix at! Make sure to check out her socials @satinephoenix and her new podcast Feel Younger Think Wiser!

Key Topics 

  • [9:25] Satine's Journey from Adversity to Transformation
  • [12:16] Exploring Human Design: An In-Depth Look
  • [17:04] Gene Keys & Human Design: Tools for Self-Understanding
  • [19:46] Making Choices and Crafting Destiny
  • [23:17] The Power of Acceptance and Transformation Coaching
  • [30:30] The Concept of Gamification in Personal Development
  • [36:00] Random Rolls & Rapid Fire Questions 

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