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Episode Summary:

In this Nerdpreneur episode, hosts Frank and Chris talk nerdy about the latest news from Critical Role, deconstructing their new membership service, Beacon TV. We break down the offer strategy behind Critical Role's announcement and how other Nerdpreneurs could do it for their own business. This episode is packed with lessons that aspiring Nerdpreneurs can take away from Critical Role's approach to monetizing their audience while providing amazing value! 

To watch the full Critical Role offer that Chris and Frank are deconstructing go HERE

Key Topics:

  • Frank doesn’t like Critical Role but neither does Chris

  • Who is Critical Role?

    • Their story from playing Dungeons & Dragons to #1 Twitch stream, to creating their own game system, Daggerheart.

    • Their growth into a full production company and acquisition of other shows.

    • The strategic positioning of Critical Role as a community-centric brand.

  • Critical Role’s Beacon TV Offer and Monetization Strategy

    • We breakdown of the Beacon offer and how they follow the structure of a great offer while remaining authentic to their voice and their audience expectations 

    • The importance of providing value and creating a direct line of support from fans to creators.

    • Discussion on the psychology behind membership pricing and value stacking.

  • Positioning and Community in the Offer

    • We analyze of Critical Role’s marketing and positioning in the market

    • The use of empathy and community-focused messaging in offers

    • The importance of understanding and catering to your audience’s needs and desires

  • Lessons for Nerdpreneurs

    • Building a dedicated community by providing continuous value.

    • Creating offers that resonate with your audience.

    • The benefits of starting a side hustle and gradually building it into a full-time business.


Great Quotes:

  • Chris: "When you make an offer to your audience, you are asking them to take action, to do something differently in their life. And often, especially for people who are very comfortable and like things the way they are, people don't want to change."

  • Frank: "Having a side hustle is an important contingency plan because right now we're in an employee market where if you're unhappy, you don't have to say anything. You can just quit and you'll get a new job. But I would expect that we're probably going to hit a depression like a great depression level in the next five to seven years."

  • Chris: "You don't have to be the Devin who goes to venture partner investors and gets hundreds of thousands of dollars to start playing games. You just have to start doing it."


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